Critical Dealer Sales Aids

Auto dealerships and repair shops need to make sure they have the right dealer supplies and sales aids in stock to keep sales steady during the traditional winter doldrums.

Faced with incoming holiday bills and ugly winter weather, many car owners are not likely to put car purchases – or even maintenance items -- at the top of their priority lists. But colorful, attention-grabbing sales aids can change that and help boost revenue for maintenance shops and auto dealers.

Dealer supplies distributors offer a variety of sales aids to assist in such endeavors, including:

Made of lightweight materials, swooper flags can prove to be a real value. Easy to assemble and requiring little maintenance, they hold up well throughout the seasons and in a variety of climates.

Undulating in any wind or breeze, swoopers are sure-fire attention-getters, whether placed in groups or singly. They can also be strategically placed indoors to garner additional customer interest.

Like nearly all dealer supplies, swooper flags and other sales aids are available in a wide range of colors and styles to meet each dealership or service shop’s needs.

Of course, getting customers in the door is just the first half of the equation. Dealerships and maintenance shops need to support top-notch products and services with superior customer service to ensure return business.

To help you achieve these goals, dealer supplies distributors provide a wide-range of tools, such as:

Savvy auto retailers and maintenance shop owners know how to take advantage of the available dealer supplies and sales aids to make the most of the tough winter sales season.
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