Auto Dealer 'Back-to-School' Sales Aids

Auto repair shops and dealerships don't have to start stocking crayons and notebooks to take advantage of the fall back-to-school season.

There are natural car maintenance opportunities to be had at this time of year, since back-to-school means back-in-the-car for parents hauling kids to and from school every day. And it also means college kids heading back to campus in old beaters.

These are all great sales opportunities for dealerships and auto repair shops. Who wouldn’t want to make sure their car is tuned up and safe to drive before packing their students into the back – or driver’s – seat?

The savvy repair shop manager can take advantage of a wide range of dealer sales aids to drive back-to-school traffic into their bays, including: Of course, once you’ve got more business, you’ll need additional auto dealer supplies to service those vehicles. In addition to sales aids, repair shops and dealerships should stock up on products like: Any season can be a good season to drive new business to a repair shop. You just need the right tools to get the job done.
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