Stock up on Car Dealer Supplies for Spring

Spring. When a young man’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of … getting his ride in perfect shape for cruising season.

This is the time for repair shops to make sure they have a full inventory of the right car dealer supplies for the influx of spring-minded customers.

Here’s a quick checklist of critical car dealer supplies to have on hand:

Genuine Versa-Tags™ – the original self-protecting key tag – provide the ability to organize vehicles by date-in, type and many other categories.

Interior protection products, like covers and mats, are another staple of any well-managed car dealer supplies inventory. Mats are available to serve a variety of functions:

  • Adhesive floor mats offer reliable long-term protection for lengthy projects
  • Printed mats afford a nice marketing opportunity, reminding customers of who did such a great job protecting their vehicles
  • Available on rolls for easy access, plastic floor mats are perfect for easy disposal
  • Plastic-coated paper mats allow for use on multiple vehicles before disposal

Oil change stickers provide a great two-for-one benefit: They help the vehicle owner stay on schedule for oil changes, and, when imprinted with your shop’s name and phone number, the stickers instantly remind vehicle owners who they can trust with their service needs.

Spring isn’t just a time to replenish your car dealer supplies; it’s also a good time to review your supplier relationship to ensure that your shop’s complete needs are being met.

Remember: Price isn’t the sole comparison point. Solid customer service, on-time deliveries and consistent, reasonable freight fees also are important considerations.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your existing car dealer supplies vendor, take some time and investigate new possibilities. You – and your customers – may be glad you did.
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