Work Order Holders Provide Bonus

Work order holders can help improve repair shop efficiency by preventing the search for lost car keys, misplaced paperwork and the inevitable claims of I thought you had that!

Clear, plastic work order holders allow auto repair shops to keep together all of the pertinent paperwork and materials for a job, including:

  • Service dispatch control number
  • Car keys
  • Coupons
  • Job descriptions
  • Customer notes

You can further increase efficiency by slipping other needed pieces (like oil change reminder stickers) into the holders, so your repair techs dont have to take extra time to collect everything. At a roomy 11 by 13 inches, holders can accommodate just about anything, even small parts that need repaired or replaced.

Because work order holders are open only at the top, they provide a great improvement over the paper folders often used to contain paperwork, keys and other items associated with a repair job. Paper folders can allow important documents and materials to slip out, meaning a loss of time and productivity as techs rewrite paperwork or search for misplaced items.

The thick, pliable plastic used to make work order holders gives them a durability that far exceeds that of paper folders, which can rip or tear too easily. This durability, combined with reasonable pricing, make work order holders a great deal for any auto repair shop.

Plus, the durable plastic holders resist nearly all of the chemicals found in repair shops and can be easily cleaned of oil smudges and other shop grime. And the handy top strap allows repair techs to hang the work order holders wherever its most convenient.

Auto repair shops interested in increasing their efficiency and cost effectiveness should consider adding work order holders to their list of mandatory supplies.
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